Slam Poetry: Sym Poetry

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What is Slam poetry? Hmm?? It is a type of poetry expressing a persons personal story and/or struggle usually in an intensely emotional style. Very powerful, sincere, and moving. According to NPS (2013) Slam poetry was invented in the 1980s by a construction worker in Chicago who goes by the name Marc Smith. Slam poets use storytelling, songwriting, theatre, stand-up +comedy, and emotional poetry (NPS 2013). Not only is it exciting that slam poetry has spread around the world, but what is more exciting is that South Africa has positively embraced it. Koleka Putuma Figure 1: Toni Stuart ( Koleka Putuma is beautiful, vibrant young lady that has inspired me, mostly because she is 21 of age however she has traveled half way around the world, and not to mention that she is studying performance arts at University of Cape town. Koleka Putuma was born on March 22 1993 in Port Elizabeth. According to Bozza (2013) Koleka is currently based in Cape town and is working on a degree in Theatre and performance studies at the University of Cape town of which she specializes in performing and theatre making in training. Koleka is facilitator who shares her skill and hosts writing and dialogue workshops at schools, community projects and interfaith programs in and around Cape town (Bozza: 2013) She has been participating in many huge Poetry sessions. She is also a local poet of Lingua franca (2014). In 2012 she came second place in the Cape Town leg of

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