Slang In The Deadpool Movie

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1. Background of the Study

Language as a means of communication that has the main function of the language is to deliver of a message or meaning by someone to others. Changes in language can occur not just development and expansion, the decline of the setback in line with changes experienced by the community. The occurrence of a change of language is difficult to observe, because that change, has become the essential nature of language.
Therefore, language is related into society and culture who used the language as a system to communicate. According to Wardaugh (2006:11)‘Sociolinguistics is the study of the social uses of language, and the most productive studies in the four decades of sociolinguistic research have emanated from determining the
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He identified about this study found that the meaning of each slang word and phrase in this movie is not only based on dictionaries but also based on the context of situation and the participants when the slang is used. Documentation method was used to collect the data and then qualitatively described based on the theory Allan and Burridge who divided the types of slang into five types such as Fresh and Creative, Flippant, Imitative, Acronym, and Clipping. The data was taken from the movie script of Deadpool Movie Directed by Tim Miller (2016). The results of the analysis shows that there were fourteen literal meaning and eighteen, figurative meaning. Besides, slang words and phrases that found are mostly used in informal situation by people who know each other well. Then every slang word and phrase has different meaning either literally or figuratively. His thesis is good, because he conducting this topic in different aspect such as to compare the usage between English and American in using the slang language. The purpose of comparing the usage between English and American is to enrich the slang
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