Slap Tear Injury Research Paper

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Slap tear is a pathology becoming more and more common. The slap tear is an injury in the labrum of the shoulder which is the ring of the cartilage that surround the socket of the shoulder joint. It was first detected of the Superior labrum to posterior labrum surrounding the edge of the glenoid is a rim of strong, but the relative is that when the labrum is the first cause of the patient to have pain in the shoulder. (Snider, 2012).

This injury is usually caused by overhead the shoulder with pain and disability for a long time after you realized that you a torn labrum. Research suggest that is very common for overhead athletes such as baseball players, swimmer and volleyball players for the reason to use the arm most of the time over the
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The fact that you can’t do anything to avoid the injury because if you play overhead sport you going to still doing after something happen with your shoulder. For me, just stretch well and warm up is very important thing for overhead players. Also, the way you working out in the gym is very important because if you don 't know what you doing you can get hurt or putting too much weights can affect your slap tear.

Being an athlete who has gone through shoulder injury, i can see in my expectative that is something you don 't care in the moment if you got the pain you just want to keep throwing after the pain is very serious and you need to stop. I never had a really shoulder injury, just a pain for one month but after I rest I was fine, But I know many players most of them pitchers that have shoulder problem all the time it just the way the throw the ball overhead all the time with that movement that is no right for your arm.

Many exercises with little weights and many reps can repair the Slap tear with an intensive rehab, and resting the arm for many month after is the shoulder is strong again. The same way you can prevent the injury don 't overuse the shoulder in the gym is a very important for this

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