Slapstick Comedy Analysis

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Some people find violence amusing, others do not. Amusement through violent action between characters is called slapstick comedy. Happy Gilmore uses an iota amount of slapstick comedy through beating up others, unintentionally hurting others, others hurting him, and hurting himself.
Happy Gilmore uses slapstick comedy through beating up characters. He beats up his young caddie. " 'Where are you going with those clubs, punk? ' 'Mr. Gilmore, I 'm your caddie! '" (Happy Gilmore 00:19:31). Happy Gilmore doesn 't understand what a caddie is, and thinks the young man is stealing his golf clubs. The young man has to explain to him who he is, and that he is only try to alleviate Gilmore of carrying his golf clubs. This scene is amusing because of
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The main character, Happy Gilmore, not only hurts himself, but he also gets hurt by others. Happy Gilmore is an ex-hockey player. He likes to think he is tough and can handle anything. " 'Three-hundred and sixty-four days until next year 's hockey tryouts, I have to toughen up '" (Happy Gilmore 00:14:58). Gilmore is letting baseballs, coming from a pitching machine at great velocity, hit him. He claims that it is to help him toughen up for hockey season next year in fear of atrophy. Self slapstick comedy is used in this situation. This use of comedy is funny because it is so inane. Another use of slapstick through hurting the main character is a different fight scene than earlier stated. Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore get into a scuffle. " 'You like that, old man? You want a piece of me? ' 'I don 't want a piece of you, I want the whole thing! '" (Happy Gilmore 00:45:13). Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker are golfing partners. They get into a fight and Bob wins the fight by a large margin. The use of slapstick is unexpected here. Bob Barker is an old man and Happy Gilmore is still pretty young. Barker beats up Gilmore, and Gilmore can 't really defend himself. It is abstruse for an old man to win a fight against a young man. This incongruous scene makes the comedy used humurious.
Through hurting others and hurting himself, Happy Gilmore uses slapstick comedy. Happy Gilmore beats up his caddy and a random guy on the course. Also, Gilmore unintentionally hurts an old lady and his neighbors. Finally, Gilmore hurts himself and gets beat up by other characters. Slapstick comedy uses violent actions against the characters to bring amusement to the audience. This movie was very humorous because of its violent
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