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Amelia Keany ACBS 160D1 10/4/15 Do Slaughterhouse Animals Lives Matter? The treatment of animals in slaughterhouses has been an ongoing controversy in the United States. Animal protection organizations and animal activists have continuously voiced their disapproval of the treatment of animals in factory farms and in doing so; have shined a light on the harsh realities of these environments. While it may not be a surprise that an animal activist would want to spend their time fighting for the rights of animals, even the lives of those intended to be cut short. However, animal activists shouldn’t be the only people concerned about this issue. Any carnivorous human taking part in the consumption of these slaughterhouse animals may want to know more about it as well. Animal activists, while presumably solely concerned with the comfort and well being of the animal, have provided a window into the world of slaughterhouses, and have, inadvertently or not, revealed a truth: The inhumane treatment and virtual torturous living environment of animals in slaughterhouses not only hurts the animal, but the humans who eat them as well. While the green fields and pretty red barns on the…show more content…
Antibiotics are consistently used to increase the rate of growth in organisms; for example, an antibiotic may increase the production of eggs for chickens or milk for cows. "Today, an estimated 70 percent of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are given to farm animals for non-therapeutic purposes”(“Farm Sanctuary.” Farm Sanctuary. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2015). The overuse of such chemicals can lead to drug-resisting bacteria that is not only harmful to humans, but can also be fatal. "Antibiotic resistant infections kill 90,000 Americans every year.” It is not only the antibiotics that are endangering humans but just the general sanitation of the way the animals are raised as

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