Vonnegut's The Breakfast Of Champions

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Dwayne did not know the famous persons were Beatrice Keedsler, Gothic novelist, and RaboKarabekian, the minimal painter. Both of them came for the Midland Arts festival. How accident are happening in the road side. When Kilgore Trout saw how the Queen of the Prairies milk truck was at accident. The condition of the passenger was in the critical condition. More blood loss. Milk and blood were about to be added to the compassion of the stinking of the ping-pong balls which was lying the Scared Miracle Cave.
Here, in one situation, the author relates the serpent with Eve. Eve was the only person, reason for the construction and destruction of the planet. Sometimes the planet looks beautiful, but at the same time opposite to that.
“He won
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Breakfast of Champions was thus Vonnegut’s most outspoken work on racism and especially gender equity. (dlb 152) Dwayne read the book about himself and the creator of the universe witnessed that, every program was performed by robots. Robots could write magazines, nooks newspapers, television and radio shows, etc. The Creator can create many religious among humans. They can choose whatever they want. But this too leads to the machinery life and destruction of earth. “He also programmed robots to write books, and magazines and newspaper for you,…They have committed every possible atrocity and every possible kindness….” (263). Trout also sat near to the Creator, the narrator, was an important characteristic, even though Trout himself was an author. One incident shows how Trout was get awareness to the story and he was wrote his own story writer. This awareness was revealed through the character of Milo Maritimo, when Trout said to…show more content…
Vonnegut’s unusual treatment of the material also had a profound influence upon him, given the writer freedom to comment about himself both as a man and as an artist. In Breakfast of Championsexplained that, the “real” human being, the reader himself, was placed on Earth among these millions of machines so that the Creator could see how he would respond.
Trout’s novel was structured as a letter from the Creator of the Universe to the “real” human being in the world. In this novel, people usually cling to ideas such as these because they seem to impose a kind of order upon an incomprehensible world, because they seem to help people make some sense out of life. The harmful idea that ignites Dwayne Hoover’s bad chemicals, for instance, suggests that he was the only genuine human being on the face of the Earth, and it helped Dwayne to understand why his life has been so
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