Slaughterhouse Five Essay

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In war Billy likes to worry a lot, he thinks about the what ifs and just wants to go home and in a poem called “care” a soldier dad does the same thing to calm his crying daughter and himself by hoping that they can return in safety. War conjures a myriad of images, opinions, experiences, and streak realities. Of the many insights about war offered by Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse five, the most profound is that war is a terrifying experience and the person that is in the war just wants to be home and safe. Similarly, in Santos Perez’s care, the observation that he wants to be home and safe with his daughter provokes the reader to understand that war is awful and when someone is in war all they want to do is go home and be safe. However,…show more content…
They both wanted to survive, but they did not know how. They were scared that something might happen if they tried to escape, they constantly thought of the worst scenario possible. The man that had a daughter was scared that something might happen to him, because he did not want his daughter to live without a father, and he was scared that something was going to happen to him because he did not want her to die so young. In the poem the man kept telling his daughter that “it 's okay” when awful thoughts were running through his mind, he was still trying to maintain a positive attitude so his daughter would be okay. On the other hand Billy never kept the same positive attitude that the other man did, instead he always wanted death, he would leave his group, he would ask them to leave him alone so he could die. Billy knew death was upon him, he was terrified of it, but he knew it was coming. Both men are absolutely scared of war and the outcomes of it but both deal with in very different ways. No matter what situation someone partakes in war, fear always is around, and people always expect the worst,because during war the worst does happen. Men and women go through the what ifs in their brains, just wanting to return home safely. They are so scared of what might happen to them. They know death is coming, but when or how is never a question that someone can answer for them. They try their best to live with it and hope for the
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