Slaughterhouse-Five: Movie Analysis

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Did you know that Kurt Vonnegut’s famous novel Slaughterhouse-Five was created into a motion picture? The novel was published in 1968. In 1972, it became a major motion picture, directed by George Roy Hill and produced by Paul Monash within the Universal Pictures production company. It stars some of Hollywood’s greatests: Michael Sacks as Billy Pilgrim, Ron Leibman as Paul Lazzaro, Eugene Roche as Edgar Derby and Sharon Gans as Valencia Merble Pilgrim and Valerie Perrine as Montana Wildhack. While I was watching the movie, I quickly came to a conclusion that I’ve never seen a movie that is as this identical to a novel than slaughterhouse-five.With that being said, the movie is a great addition to the novel, because it can help readers understand the novel more. The plot is completely identical: an american soldier. Billy Pilgrim, that takes part in World War 2. He has no intentions of fighting and he just wants…show more content…
Every aspect of the movie was virtue. For example, The actors did a terrific job. The script allowed the actors to capture the audience’s attention. For the period of time it was produced in, I believe that the editing and the quality of picture was very high-class. I believe that it is for these reasons that Slaughterhouse- five won the Prix du Jury at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival, the Hugo Award and the Saturn Award. Overall, I would give Slaughterhouse-Five a 3.5 star rating. In my opinion, it was such a great adaptation of the novel. Individuals that are great fans of the book, will definitely fall in love with the movie. However, I felt like the parts of the novel I enjoyed the most were not implicated in the movie. For instance, the great life lessons that were being preached throughout the novel were not developed into the movie. I highly suggest that individuals read the novel and then watch the movie. Take my advice and you will be touched by Vonnegut’s work of
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