Slaughterhouse Five Or Children's Crusade By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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In Slaughterhouse Five or Children’s Crusade By Kurt vonnegut Vonnegut depicts war as gruesome and unpleasant. This book is about Vonnegut journey of being a soldier at Dresden Germany in world war ll. He experienced death camps and bombing which later leads him having PTSD. Whereas the dominant narrative of war suggests that war is good and how brave people are meant for it This leads Vonnegut using humor to show what reality of war is really like , which is destructive,unbearable, and make life meaningless. He also describes how wars were fought like children Before compared to what war is now or what he experienced when he was in Dresden which shows how reality of war is bad and the …show more content…
example would be “Last came Billy pilgrim empty handed, bleakly ready for death Billy was preposterous-six feet and three inches tall with a chest and Shoulders like a box of kitchen matches(pg 32-33). This shows to us readers that the reality of war is not that a soldier is strong and buff but in reality they're not but,Skinny and tells us how war can break a man. Vonnegut also tries to tell us that war happens from what a human does or a human’s decision like the bombings of Dresden or the people that are being starved and massacred is a decision made by a human which can be stopped. A good example would be “a whole city is burned down and thousands and thousands of people are killed and then this one American foot soldier is arrested in the ruins for taking a teapot(pg 5)”.This explains to us in depth that not just the conditions of war is bad and despicable they are giving us a mirror picture
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