Slaughterhouses Should Be Abolished Persuasive Essay

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Outline Slaughterhouses Thesis- slaughterhouses should close down across America, because stuns don't always take the pain away from death, and not all slaughterhouses follow USDA rules correctly. Slaughterhouses should close down, because stuns don’t always work effectively. One method of stunning is by using electric bolts Stunning can be “skull penetrating”, meaning stunning the brain directly. Not all stunners work correctly, leaving the animal conscious for death. After stunning, it is okay for an animal to be dragged to where it will be killed. Stunning is “physical brain destruction, and combination of changes intracranial pressure and acceleration concussion” Stunning is supposed to concuss or shock animals electrically. The Humane…show more content…
Electric pods, canvas slappers, or any machine used to move animals is okay with the opinion of inspector. Disabled, sick, or dying animals are allowed to be in another pen according to inspectors opinion. If inspector finds slaughterhouse inhumane, all animals already killed can still be prepared under inspection. inhumane acts aren't stopped until inspector finds them inhumane. Slaughterhouses houses should close down, because even kosher slaughterhouses are inhumane. Agriprocessors is the largest kosher slaughterhouse, and they disregard both Jewish and federal law. Agriprocessors has had 300 instances of inhumane killing in 2004 Local pride slaughterhouse keeps animals alive for up to two minutes after their throats are slit. Local pride workers rips animals throats open with a meat hook, in order to make the process faster. The idea behind Kosher slaughterhouses is to not use stunning, and quickly kill animals by cutting their throats. However, many slaughterhouse workers don't kill the animals fast enough, so they are suffering and didn't even have the chance to be stunned. Slaughterhouses should close down, because the process is
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