Slave Monologues

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I am in Philadelphia right now and oh god my scars are hurting so bad. They are stinging and burning horribly. Let me tell you, being a slave is unfair and bad. You are forced to do work and horrible jobs that you don’t want to do. The story behinds these scars on my back is terrible and I will tell you how I got them.
One day, my slave owner tells me to go and work in the cotton plantations. I had to grow more crops and pull out the unnecessary weeds. My owner’s name is Jacob and he is very mean. Once Jacob assigned my task he left me to work on it and trusted me. I was so tired and sick that day and he did not even care. I was also not wanting to be a slave no more so I decided to run away because that is what all the others were doing. They were using this things called the “Underground Railroad” or
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I had gathered a group of slaves, packed some food and water, and Harriet was with us to help. Around 1:00 in the morning we all escaped from our homes, jumped over the fence, and ran to the place where Harriet told us to meet. Harriet gave all of us different clothes and accessories to wear because we had to disguise ourselves. Once all of us quickly put on our disguises we ran to a station and went undernet there. We hopped onto a horse and and we led it to a couple of houses using route from the underground railroad. Harriet said we have to find the safe house from these house. In order to find the safe house, you will have to look for a hitching post in the shape of a slave holding a lantern or lantern at a window.
As soon as we reached the safe house we unpacked our stuff quickly and put it away. We got a drink of water, had some bread and went to sleep for the night. The next morning we woke up at 3:45 to keep on traveling North. All of us had to wake up really early because we had to cross the Ohio river and then the Mason Dixon line which can take quite a
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