Slave School: Slave Life

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Slave School
When you’re a slave reading and writing is not a part of everyday life. Everyday life as a slave is actually very different from our lives. They don’t have schools to go too, or friends to play at the park with. But what if one day that all changed.
It was a normal day for Hayes in Charleston, South Carolina, he had just come from eating a piece of bread and he was in the yard playing with the grass. Hayes is an 11 year old black slave with beautiful blue eyes. He has always been naturally smart, in fact Hayes taught himself how to read and write. He always goes for a walk in the yard every morning and talks to the other slave children.
While Hayes was walking around in the grass he had talked to all his friends including the little
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Instead of paper they had to use tree shavings, and anything else they found laying around. Hayes had to teach underground now, so they slave owner doesn’t see them. So far everything is going fine. And everyone was back to reading and writing
In the slave house they also have people that come by and adopt slaves every once and a while. Hayes likes one of the families a lot but they want a younger kid. The family also has a little boy and Hayes showed him the school area and he thinks its super cool. Hayes heard that the family was planning on adopting one of the slaves. He was very hopeful he might be the chosen one. Especially, because he had some knowledge of reading and writing.
The family came by every day that week to sign papers, and finally on Friday, they adopted their kid, and you won’t believe who they adopted… they adopted Pete! Everyone was really happy for him, but Hayes wished it could of been him. He wanted a family.
Pete would come and visit a lot and tell everyone about his family. He told Hayes about how he told his family that they had a school and how they loved the fact that they were learning. More and more people started to find out about our little school that was barley even a
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The first thing Hayes did was visit the new school, being built after him. He found out the school would be called Blue Eyes university (BEU). By Now almost everyone everywhere knew who Hayes was.
It was crazy for people to believe that this 11 year old boy that was a slave for his whole life now had a university named after him. Hayes has had a rough life from being a slave to having his school burnt down, and now having a family and 2 kids, its amazing. Hayes and LeLe are very grateful for their lives and that their children won’t have to be slaves like them.
Today is the grand opening of his new university. People from all over came to see him and this new school. Hayes thought it was crazy that people would travel hours on hours just to see him open the doors of a new school. If it wasn’t for that slave owner burning his school it wouldn’t have sparked a flame in him to do great things in his life. People telling him couldn’t do stuff made him want to do it that much more. As soon as Hayes opened the doors to his university it was like opening up the doors to his new life
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