Slave Trade In Africa

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During the slave trade, slaves were brought from Africa to Brazil to labor in the sugar and tobacco plantations. The slaves were distributed in the three main ports of Bahia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. Once reality of their condition had dawned on them, many slaves ran away. After rebelling against their master, some forty slaves in Recife killed all the white employees, burnt the plantation house down and set themselves free. This group headed to a safe place in the mountains to hide from the slave hunters which they named Palmares. Here, they laid the foundation for an African community which lasted almost a century. The new community of Africans at Palmares comprised of various African tribes, some whites and Indians. This mix brought about a rich cultural fusion through the blending of dance, religion, rituals and games which gave birth to the earliest form of Capoeira. As more refugees arrived in Palmares, the Portuguese colonizers began to worry. The Palmares people would also come down from the mountains for purposes of trade as well as to raid plantations and free other slaves. This diminishing labor force made an impact on the economy of the Portuguese. To make matters worse, they found themselves fighting two enemies when the Dutch invaded Brazil in 1630, seeing as the Palmares people capitalized by fighting the Portuguese alongside the slaves. The Palmares people continued to fight on even after Holland won the war. Dutch attempts to counter the insurgents by

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