Slave Trade In America Essay

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Over the years from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, slaves were not only transported to just the United States, but to all around the world. They were sold and traded to many different countries which meant that their cultures went with them. As they would grow and multiply in an area, they would repopulate in others. Forced labor migrations contributed to globalization because when slaves of different ethnicities were shipped to other parts of the world, they took their culture and history with them. When the term “Slave trade” is used, it has a negative meaning and usually a negative context behind it, but by seeing what the slave trade actually did for not only America, but for the world, the meaning behind it can be viewed from another angle. In the sixteenth century, the only way to obtain sugar was through the…show more content…
“Sugar cultivation in the Americas required both large investments of capital and a steady supply of labor, and investors were needed who could guarantee both” (Goucher, 1998, p.2).The contact of people from different areas to help provide and maintain labor is what connected the world. The paths that the slaves were sent on allowed them to take their traditions to that area with them which ultimately had an impact on those around them. This occurred simply because creating plantations allowed landowners to become part of the wealthier class, so it was important to make sure all labor needs were meant to have a successful establishment. In conclusion, slavery can be perceived as the time in history where the first instances of racism occurred, or it can be looked at as what connected the world as one centuries ago (Goucher, 1998, p.3). Some of the experiences that slaves had to go through and the environment they were forced to live in may not have been ethical, but it ultimately helped colonize the world and connect people from many different areas around the
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