Slave Trade Slavery

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The Slave Trade was a very brutal thing. Slaves were treated worse than most animals, and had no rights at all. They were shipped off in exchange for raw materials that usually had very little value at all. These human beings were sometimes stolen by their neighbours, or even their family members to be sold. Their way of life was absolutely terrible. Whoever sold the slaves, had no regard to their rank, or possessions. Before they would get on the boat, they were stripped of all the clothing on their bodies and sent off to endure an extremely hard life. Most slaves would have easily preferred death over the cruel punishments they endured. The life of a slave is a life that one should be glad they do not have to live. The voyage to the New World was very cruel for the slaves. In the first passage it says, “they are carried like sheep to the slaughter, and that the Europeans are fond of their flesh.” This shows how awful the slaves were treated. As mentioned before, they were even stripped of all their clothing, and belongings if they had any. Most slaves were so exhausted from the beatings, that they did not even want to eat, but if this happened, the white men would force food into their mouths. In the second passage it describes a slaves personal experience with this saying, “two of the white men offered me eatables and on my refusing to eat, one of them held me fast by the hands and laid me across the windlass and tied my feet while the other flogged me
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