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Marc Ching Claims 'Slavery a Tradition ' In Susan Abram 's L.A. Daily News Story Please Note: The abhorrent practice of slavery spans the world, as well as countless generations. Regrettably, this heinous exploitation continues, even into present-day history. My article centered on America 's long and shameful history with the subjugation of blacks. Los Angeles Daily News journalist Susan Abram recently wrote an article entitled "LA County leaders poised to condemn China’s dog meat festival." The article included a quote from marc Ching claiming the tradition of dog-meat eating will end just like the tradition of Slavery. Ms. Abram 's story mainly dealt with L.A. Supervisor Hilda Solis introducing a motion to request that county officials…show more content…
Blood and Treasure The cost our nation paid to bring an end to slavery was steep, to say the least. To draw the final curtain down on slavery, our country needed to endure a civil war. A conflict, that resulted in four of the bloodiest years in our nation 's history. To end slavery, our country lost more than 700,000 souls. That is more Americans than we lost in World War I and World War II combined. A footnote to those four brutal years of conflict, it left much of the Southern United States destroyed. Marc Ching 's off the cuff remarks fails to honor the payment in blood and treasure our country paid. China would never need to pay such a high cost in end the torture and butchering of Dogs. I believe the Late Carrie Fisher summed it up best when she said. "There is so much animal suffering in the world, and much of it, you feel helpless to end, but stopping the Yulin dog meat festival and ending all that suffering is easy. Chinese authorities need to do is declare it shut down, and the killing stops." I would have expected a simple minded lightweight like Marc Ching to compare dog-meat eating to that of ending slavery. For Susan Abram 's and the LA Daily News to include his ignorance into their article is

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