Slavery And Enslavement In The United States

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Slavery and enslavement as a whole was forced. It was forced because it was classified as forced labor. Force labor is when any work or service is performed against ones will, which could lead to punishment or threats. Slaves were forced to be separated from their loved ones to work for the Whiteman. They are forced to basically give up all rights to become property. According to the book F&H, presented on page 10, “Female slaves were purchased as wives, concubines, household servants, and agricultural laborers. Male slaves were used as miners, porters, craftsmen, herdsmen, brewers, soldiers, traders, and attendants.”. Both male and females were forced to do tasks for their slave owners. There is enslavement within the legal system, according to the constitution Article 1 section 9, it states that slaves were only classified as ⅗ of a person rather than a whole. The constitution not only implied that slaves were not a whole person, but there…show more content…
The slaves would sabotage their masters, break tools, fake illness, and sometimes even steal from their own master. Another form of resistance they presented was cultural. Slave owners tried to take everything away from them, including their culture, such as names, beliefs, and languages. The slaves did not allow that, they still practiced religious beliefs and passed them down to later generations. The famous Kunta Kinte presented a great example of resistance, he would not refer to himself as Tolby, as the slave master forced him to do. Slaves used escape resistance by running away using the underground railroad, or getting out of work. For example, a woman might fake a pregnancy to escape work. As for revolt, there were many cases of this. Nat Turner along with other slaves killed their master’s family in the middle of the night, then they went around killing many other white mes. Even though slaves were forced to become property, they still
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