Slavery Before And After The Civil War

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The Civil War broke out upon America on April 12,1861. The main issue revolving around this war was the concern of slavery. There was a disagreement between the North and the South, one believed in owning people, slaveys, while the other didn 't. The South, the Confederacy, consisting of a number of states,didn 't desire to abolish slavery. This was something that helped the plantation owners with their load of work, although only a small percentage of people actually owned slaves. Although those small percentage of people didn 't always treat their "property" very right. Some plantation owners, and other people who owned slaves, saw the different colored people as if they were far below them. They would treat them as if the different colored skin were animals, beating and flogging them.…show more content…
Yet in the North, the Union, slavery was being abolished state by state, and most people didn 't agree with owning people as property. However, some well known people, such as William Harrison or Thomas Jefferson, actually owned slaves. So, there was the South, who wanted to keep slavery, and the North who wanted to abolish slavery. Anyway, among other problems, war broke out among the newly established country. After the war ended, on May 9,1865, and slavery was slowly being abolished and there were some differences seen between slavery before and after the war. As a person informs themselves with the knowledge of America 's history, there can be seen a contrast of what was and now is. Slavery was an issue and it resulted in the change of the American government, in the slave 's lives, and in the lives touched or affected by the colored skin

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