Slavery By Another Name Analysis

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The documentary “Slavery By Another Name” Connects to the book of “ The Piano Lesson” written by August Wilson very clearly. The documentary discusses about, how thousands of african americans were pulled into forced labor with shocking force and brutality. The book describes the Characteristics of these people who had to experience what the documentary discusses about. “ Lymon bought that truck so he have him a place to sleep and to avoid his sheriff ; the sheriff looking for him” - Boy Willee. Lymon Answers, “ it 's just misunderstanding” In this book of Piano lesson, The conversation between Boy willie and Lymon had explains ; how the peonage and sharecropping system discussed in the documentary affected their life. According to the documentary, We can indicate why Lymon avoided his sherif, As demonstrated by the documentary, Employers were unable to quit or strike and not paid for their work. Convict laborers were forced to accept whatever the working conditions were in the places where they were released. This is the reason why Lymon is avoiding his Shearif. Life back in 1865 was very difficult for Black/african Americans. Black people were brutally forced into working jobs with no option and payment. “ They mistreat me, I mistreat them back ; ain 't no difference between me and white man.” - Boy…show more content…
The documentary explains , the parchman farm which is An old prison and the only Maximum security prison for men in the state of Mississippi is where . Most black Mens were forced to go to that prison for Feeling guilty for simple crime or no crime at all. But White men was treated very differently. Black men and women had to accept any law given to them, even though they don 't accept it in their favor , That is because their freedom of speech was very limited. Slavery was Max. If black Men or women complained about anything, They 're sent to an even bigger
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