Slavery Chapter Summaries

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While I sat in my room and read this book I found it to quite interesting and when going thought the list this was the first one that caught my eye. I have read many books never have I read an autobiography. I figured since I was in history class this was the perfect opportunity. I was happy with the content in the book. I feel as if this book showed me another side to slavery I didn’t know about, I have always known slavery and what it was about by as a former slave told his side it was something else. Chapter one, maybe my favorite chapter in the book. In first pages of the book he talks about what he did as a slave, he oversaw the potato hole. The potato hole was where they kept the potatoes he was the one that put them there and would take them out. He talked about how sometimes he would steal the potatoes to eat, because often after dinner there was not a lot left for the slaves to eat. Even his mother would steal chicken and cook it for them late at night. He also talks about other jobs he had as a slave and tells us the hardest was carrying corn to the mill. In the next chapter of the book he talks about how they would need to change their names if the where to be set free. He also talks about how after he was freed and his childhood in West Virginia and how education changed his life.…show more content…
Very well written chapter I felt has if I was watching a movie. The entire I read this chapter I was hoping he would make it, because nobody wanted to help because he was colored. Luckily he got a job for food and he slept under the sidewalk. In chapter 4 he starts helping others and when he goes back home he sees the rise of the KKK or ku klux klan. He learns that kindness is the best education and starts passing that on thanks to the people at Hampton. Chapter 5 is a lot how the war didn’t help them get rights but instead contribute to all the problems they have even
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