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FORGERY: Forgery is the process of forging a copy or imitation of a document, signature, currency, cheque or some work of art.
It can also be explained as the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, or documents with the intent to mislead or make large amounts of money by selling the copied item. Copies, replicas of studio, and reproductions are not considered as forgeries, though they may be later confirmed as forgeries through knowing and intentional misrepresentations.
Forging currency notes or money is more often known as counterfeiting. But consumer goods can also be counterfeited if they are not produced or manufactured by the authentic producer or manufacturer given on the label and or flagged by the symbol of trade mark.
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However, the varied definitions do not change or add materially to a general description of the cases. Forgery moreover consists of the alteration or false making of a document without authentification, or making use of such a item with intention to defraud.
The essence of forging however lies in the lacking of genuinity in its making, not in the falsely representating the authority. The offense is committed even if the iindividual is making the object is fictitious.
The false object or alteration done with fraudulent intention must be capable of affecting a fraud.
The offense of forging is defined by federal statutes and state which do not repeal the common law. These statutes are:
 codifying existing law,
 extending the offense by include crimes which are not within the reach of the common law definition,
 Increasing the severity of the punishment given that may be issued upon a conviction for forging.
The most common forms of forgery can be easily classified and defined. The general definition of forgery cannot be well enough to include all crimes that can be committed. Therefore, legislatures make forgery laws broadly for including acts that are criminal in their effect and tendency, even though they are not within the earlier explanation of the
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However, these federal laws do not permit the use of state statutes for convicting a defendant for copying federal income tax documents. Some forgery statutes divide forgeing into some degrees. Thus, these statutes provide different types of punishments according to the seriousness of the crime by which the act is
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