Modern Slavery In Africa

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Did you know that slavery didn’t end in the 19th century? Slavery still goes on to this day, especially in Africa. Today slavery involves forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, descent-based slavery, child slavery, and marriage. Forced labour is when a person is forced to do something against their will and being threatened or punished to do it (“What Is Modern Slavery?”). Unlike slavery in the 19th century where people used to get enslaved base off the color of their skin, with modern slavery it does not matter. One thing that causes modern slavery is economic problem, in a continent like Africa they experience these crisis.
Africa faces a lot of economic problems. Some economic quandary that Africa faces is poverty or economic
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People in non developed country like Nigeria, Pakistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, South Sudan and Sudan all face this problem because the people in these countries are destined for better life which attracts traffickers. The need for better life makes traffickers very happy because it gives them the chance to trick people that they are going to have a better life if they come with them, this the Context of Vulnerability stage of human trafficking (Human Trafficking). Many of the victims of trafficking are not forced or kidnapped, they’re usually tricked into it and this the Recruitment stage. Recently poor Nigerians wanted some sort of better life because the cost of living in Nigeria is too much to handle, so many Nigerians were tricked, thinking that they were going to Europe for a better life but ended up being enslaved by Libyans. They thought that they were going to get a good job but they were tricked (Nigerian Migrant Says He Was Sold at Libya Slave Auction). Some victims of human trafficking are abducted by force and some are even drugged, this is the curel stage of human trafficking. The transportation stage for human trafficking is very complex, some victims are put in the back of trucks and smuggled across a border only to be sold or exploited in the designated country (Human

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