Slavery In American History Summary

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Jeesoo Shin
Slavery in American History

The narrator starts off with describing the bustling scene of Elmina a city South of Ghana, questionably stating that he would rather prefer Elmina as a desolated wasteland than a market capital probably hinting that Elmina, which was once a slave trading site should not experience the economic prosperity and glory that it has but instead be a place of descent. The prosperity of Elmina in the present day cannot be looked upon with pride as it was built up through the Portuguese who brought their superior culture such as technology and literature while participating in the slave trade along with the Dutch West India Company and the local African slave traders however, the narrator is appalled and infuriated that the Elmina she came back to had rather been prospering from such a dark history; thus making the locals ignorant to the cruelness of the Atlantic Slave Trade. As the narrator surveys Elmina it shows that she is spiteful of everything related to the matter of “black life,” bringing up the eminent racism that presides in America, stating that an old man asked, “Is it negro or nigra?”(Hartman, 56) which is a question that comes from ignorance towards the subject of racism. All throught the work the writer silently scorns people who advocated slavery. According to a woman “Americans come here
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The article provides many accounts of conflict between the natives, and relations that broke due to slavery. The story of “Saint George” depicts the brutality of ripping families apart and those who did so ironically becoming heroes and
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