Slavery In Colonial Times

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Slave Narratives/ Materialism What disiease has been manifested and been changed over the years? The response to this question is slavery. Slavery from colonial times isnt the same as slavery today, but they have many similarities. Before people were enslaved to another person and today they’re enslaved to money. Slavery during colonial times and slavery today have many common traits. Both affect our everyday lives and well being. Slavery during colonial times forced African Americans to be taken from their homes and they were obligated to do hard labor with no pay. Slavery today is not to another person but to materials, this causes people to work long hours a week to spend it all on unecesary and expensive comodities. Another trait they have in common slavery is a social issue its’s the ideal that in order for things to run smoothly we have to earn money through tough labor, it’s the mentality that in order to sustain an acceptable society someone has to be working their entire life.…show more content…
For example slavery during colonial times wasn’t an option but rather it was an obligation. Slavery to materialism is a choice, people allow themselves to let others comments affect them and impact their everyday lives wasting time and money on expensive items. SLaves during colonial times didn’t get paid for their labor on the contrary they were torn from their families and their homes forced to work long hours a day to benifit another. Today slavery allows people to physically walk away from slavery and stope wasting money on unecessary items but they choose not to. In colonial times there was no opportunity to walk away and leave it all behind if you tried to leave and you were caught the consequences were being tied to a tree and getting whooped for trying to be
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