Slavery In Ecuador Essay

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Slavery in Ecuador in banana producing companies Slavery is one of the biggest challenges Ecuador faces today because of the high levels of poverty. Families in Ecuador need to find a living. The banana industries are a big business in South American countries. Bananas provide rich sources of nutrients such as potassium and fiber. Due to the high demands of bananas from other countries the companies need more workers, but that doesn’t mean they treat them fairly. They pay their workers a low amount and make them work in harsh conditions which include working with pesticides. Pesticides causes dizziness, fever, and shaking (Pealing Back the Truth on Bananas). The banana industry is a big part of the economy in Ecuador. However, this industry is not well regulated by the government as it promotes slavery and other unfair situations for the workers. The workers that work on the plantations farms work an average of 12 hours a day. The youngest workers are around 8 years old. More than half of these kids can’t attend school because their families usually can’t pay for the basic needs of living like food. Therefore, parents send their kids to work on farms to help provide for their families (Refworld). These young workers must work with sharp tools and risk their lives every day. Some of these kids are only getting paid $3.50 a day for all the hard work they do (Refworld). After all this…show more content…
For examples Anti-slavery, which is an organization that helps prevent forced labor, human trafficking, and child slavery (Anti-slavery). Even if you donate a little bit it will make a big difference at the end. Something that the society can do is send letters to the president of Ecuador which is Lenín Moreno saying that he needs to enforce the laws about slavery (global edge). Slavery is something that can’t be ignored anymore and needs to be
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