Slavery In Frederick Douglas's The Columbian Orator

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“The Columbian Orator” was the first book Frederick Douglass ever owned as an imprisoned slave. After having the ability to read and write, Frederick had craved more. The Hugh family in the south viewed Frederick as property to their household. As a little boy, he was taught how to read and write by a kind hearted woman who was the wife of Mr.Hugh, which made her the slave owner of him. “My mistress who kindly commenced to instruct me”.Moreover, during the years of slavery, teaching a slave how to read was very uncommon.Overtime,Ms.Hugh’s attitude had began to change and fade away, with slavery becoming a greater mean of power and mastery. When Ms. Hugh had a sudden change in mind, Fredrick had gained his knowledge by little white boys that…show more content…
Malcolm had started his journey of education when he settled in “The Charleston state prison” in Boston, Massachusetts. Malcolm had never ignored the fact that he couldn’t write the same way he spoke. He was very confident about the way he spoke,but never the way he wrote.He came to be literate by self- teaching, copying down word- for- word from a dictionary. “I saw the best thing I can do was get hold of a dictionary-to study to learn some words.” That dictionary had done wonders for him, because he became the person he wanted to become, and well taught man.He was very powerful after he had come out of prison. During the times he was in person he had wrote letters to his role model, Elijah…show more content…
It may be appeasing or boring, but for Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, and Sandra Cisneros it had changed their lives for the better. Each of the writers had their own unique experiences with learning to read and write.They had acknowledged the right and wrong within their education.They all seem to be fond of their learning experience.Learning to read and write came in a cost for all three of the sophisticated authors. They were all quite similar to each other.They were own locked in their own worlds where education was their top priority. They were all trapped within themselves. Sandra trapped inside her father’s wishes. Frederick trapped between society rules, he was a slave not allowed to do anything. And Of Course, Malcolm was both in a physical and emotional
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