Slavery In Harriet Tubman's 'The Negro Mother'

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Slavery in the American South Slaves in the American South longed for freedom, fair treatment, and better lives. Slaves were not treated fairly and dealt with many hardships in their daily lives. Life was not easy for slaves and one way that made life difficult was physical pain.
One slave named Fredrick Douglass was sent to be with a slave breaker and slave-breaker means someone who would try to destroy the slave’s soul. As it states above slaves were sent to slave-breakers and so this is one of the struggle they had to go through in their life is getting their souls broke down. One more slave named Harriet Tubman had physical pain when she disobeyed an overseer by not helping capture a runaway slave and got hit in the head with a two pound brick. This shows that many slaves had to deal with many pains and it shows that even disobeying a little command lead to struggle she would have physical pain with.
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In the text ‘’Civil Rights: Activist Harriet Tubman’’ it states that three of her sisters were sold away. This shows another emotional struggle Harriet and many other slaves had to through in the hardships of slavery. Secondly in the poem ‘’The Negro Mother’’ it tells that her husband was sold away. This is another example of the hardships of not only the the children slaves, but even when they were adults. This is not only an issue for the wives but also the children if their fathers being sold if they met their fathers. As you can see from this essay that slaves had many struggles with many things such as physical pain and emotional pain with family members being sold. This shows that slaves had many struggles in their lives with pain and slaves were very
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