Slavery In Jamestown

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In 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia, 105 English settlers established a diplomatic relationship with Powhatan the Algonquian chief . The agreement was that the Native Americans would supply the English settler’s food, and the settlers would not mess with the natives land. Things were doing pretty good till the English settlers became forceful and impolite to the natives, they started treating them like garbage. The natives took it upon themselves and decided to let the settlers go hungry. That is when the battle began. In 1617 is when slavery started, a number of unemployed men ran around England committing crimes. The unemployed men signed an indenture which gave up their freedom. They could be bought, sold, and had to do whatever the owner asked . Slavery and freedom go hand in hand, people have been fighting for their freedom the minute they became slaves. Race became a concept when the English settlers first met the Native Americans, race became connected to freedom and slavery the minute Africans were illegally brought in and…show more content…
Therefore, they were more than likely on their as prisoners, since Africa was invaded and people were stolen to be slaves. Black people have been fighting since the Native Americans were invaded and taken over by the English settlers. Slavery and freedom, unfortunately, go hand in hand with one another. People cannot expect people to be slaves without trying to escape for their freedom, the reason freedom exists is because slavery was formed. What is worse is that they were stolen from their home to become a servant, then they were whipped if they tried to escape or tried to stand their ground. They were hung to show what happens when they disrespect the settlers or again try to escape or fight back. If a child was born to a mother who was a slave the child was automatically a slave . The child never even had the chance to experience
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