Slavery In Mr. Shelby's Uncle Tom

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Uncle Tom’s first owner was Mr. Shelby, a very kind educated man. He did find slavery cruel but still tolerated it. When Mr. Haley informed him that a trade about about his slaves could pay off his debt, Mr. Shelby chose to make such a deal. At this time, he viewed Uncle Tom and Harry as properties and received the benefit from slavery. Although Mr. Shelby believed slavery was inhuman, he was not strong enough to stand still. When it comes to personal issues, the immorality inside slavery led him astray. Tom was sold far from his home and served cold blood Haley for the following days. However, the tragedy ended up with a fortunate ending. On a ferry boat, he met his next owner – St. Clare. St. Clare is flighty and romantic. He drinks alcohol…show more content…
Of course, Legree took his full advantage in this system and was glad to embrace it. Mr. Shelby and St. Clare might see the evilness inside slavery but they practiced it anyway. Unlike Ms. Shelby and Eva who expressed huge disagreement on slavery, they did not have much strong objections on it. The great differences among three owners are also their perspectives on slavery system. Mr. Shelby was not a Christian but he was greatly influenced by his wife – Emily Shelby who was a faithful Christian. Therefore, Mr. Shelby was very kind and knew that slavery was illegally restricting individual’s freedom. Unfortunately, he still turned a blind eye to the evilness in slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe established a figure like Mr. Shelby to imply how strong slavery’s influence was even in front of ones who knew it was detrimental and many kind masters like Mr. Shelby were not brave enough to fight against it. Then refer to St. Clare, he was better than Mr. Shelby because he would never harm his servants and even help those in need. He viewed slaves equally just like his daughter did. The author depicted St. Clare to indicate that there were few kind-hearted masters in that

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