Slavery In Olaudah Equiano's Worlds Together Worlds Apart

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One of the main themes of Worlds Together Worlds Apart is no matter what culture a group of people is a part of each community has the goal of expanding their wealth through trade. This desire for wealth and exotic goods has led multiple civilizations to carry out atrocities against other people just to satisfy their lust for riches. One of the most common ways dominant civilizations would oppress the unfortunate was through slavery. As populations grew from the late sixteenth to the nineteenth century demand for more goods increased which meant there needed to be more cheap labor. This cheap labor was found in Africa and resulted in the transportation of around 12 million Africans from their home land to the Americas. Often times world history books will include the facts around slavery but lack the first hand experiences of slaves and those who bought, sold, …show more content…

These actions truly display how during this time period if you were not in control those that held more power than you would exploit you in any way possible. This excerpt truly displays the evil greed of humans. Although this excerpt does a good job at describing the process it does not give the viewpoint or feelings of the slaves. Olaudah Equiano’s account of the Atlantic crossing gives a good insight into the confusion and horrors faced by the slaves. In his excerpt he describes his complete confusion and fear revolving around what is going to happen to him. He also describes the unbearable conditions of the ship. Without an insight from a slave, the actions of Thomas Phillips seem not as bad as they really were. This account also helps explain how stronger groups will justify their actions as long as they are benefitting from it. Overall these excerpts give a better insight into the slave trade than most history books

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