Slavery In The 17th Century

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Torture would you want to be there, dreams would you want to loose them, reality the total opposite of what you think. Has the US changed in slavery from the days of the 17th century till today? Events that have happened in the 17th century are very brutal especially for the African Americans and till today it has not been solved. What was slavery in the 17th centaury? It was cheaper laborers working as slaves (worth nothing or very little) they were brought in to harvest the crops and tobacco. The colonists believed that buying African slaves was the most efficient way to acquire a labor force. The African Americans were taught to crop and make tobacco for their American masters. The American Masters brought African Americans because there weren’t much people working in the fields like those also because African Americans were immune to Malaria; a disease that can kill you and that comes from farms and agricultural areas. Many people died because of slavery, one because of the amount of crucial abuse they got from the Americans, and two because they couldn’t feed themselves properly, they were treated like stray dogs working for food. Americans at that time looked at slavery from an economic point of view, and not a humanitarian point of view.
Today’s slavery is a bit different than that of the 17th century, because in today’s world there are more equal rights, more privileges, more freedom but that still doesn’t mean slavery has disappeared and slavery is still a very

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