Slavery In The Planter's Northern Bride

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SLAVERY IN THE 19TH CENTURY Choice D: “The Planter’s Northern Bride” exposes white racism. Using the pieces by supporters of slavery, and the Frederickson, Gomes, and Genovese articles, discuss the defense of slavery. Compare what the defenders of slavery claim with the work of Douglass (and Jacobs). Slavery is a system where the human beings are treated as mere property who can be treated with an economic value rather than being evaluated on the basis of human values. The slaves, being treated as an economic asset, are deprived of the rights that have as human beings. In the past, especially the medieval world, slavery was institutionalized and was fairly legal. Although it has been outlawed in most of the civilized world in the crude form it used to be existed in the past it still exists, albeit in a different form as domestic servants, serfdom, debt bondage etc. Slavery is supposed to have existed in before the onset of written history but as with…show more content…
These proponents of slavery would also have to contend with the majority of the Southern Whites who did not have a share in the economic benefits of slavery. The only viable strategy was that of racism would align them with the emotions of the time, i.e., equality and liberty but not as human beings but as whites and blacks. They would justify their cause saying though all white are equal and must enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty they were ushered to them on account of being whites and hence superior to the other race and hence the slaves must not be allowed to live as a equals in a democratic free world. All these justifications had their root in the economic benefits that slavery provided and that it was still one of the most profitable ventures across the

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