Why Do People Face Slavery?

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The shocking phenomena of slavery continues to provoke mixed feelings about the wear and tear it took on several individuals. Some people are descendants of those who used to be slaves years ago; some continue to face slavery, even in the 21st century; some people still do not understand that there was once a time where one human was under the brutal control of another human being. Slavery was the first historical form of exploitation, which a slave was dehumanized into a mere object under the private property of a slave owner. This phenomena has done harm to millions of people, taking away free lives and destroying the fate of people who just wanted to live a happy life. When Americans think about slavery, they think about “Africans” being brought to the New World against their will. Upon their arrival they were sold, like livestock, as property of white slave owners. Smallwood expands on this idea and describes how slaves were chosen, “as they do horses in a market; the strongest, youth fullest, and most beautiful, yield the greatest prices” (Smallwood, p.158). Often seen as cattle or horses, slaves were chained up and sold for manual labor, mechanizing their humanity and objectifying them as animals who are corralled into tight spaces for transportation across the sea. This was to maximize…show more content…
Their political vision’s still view whites as the dominant race and remain feeling alienated because they are unable to process what and why this principle of commodity was applied to them. African Americans will continue to lack the belief in power and how they should be seen as equal, but the idea behind race and slavery put enslaved people into a category which now defines racism and all of the complications that come with its
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