Slavery In The Antebellum South

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Have you ever heard of the Antebellum South? The Antebellum South was how the life was like in the South of United States before the Civil War started but it was after the War of 1812. It can also be known as the Old South since this period was before the Civil War. The Antebellum Period was basically about how slaves were living in harsh/violent conditions in the South during the late 18th century. It occurred between the years of 1812-1860. The word “antebellum” in Latin means, before or existing before a war such as the American Civil War. During this era in the United States, slaves lived in places that were very unpleasant and their living conditions made many slaves get sick and die. The owners consider the slaves as their property…show more content…
William and Ellen Craft were runaway slaves since they escaped slavery in America. Escaping slavery is not what makes them important people. William and Ellen were married slaves in Georgia but they had a brilliant plan to escape slavery. Ellen was disguised as a young male slave owner since she was light-skinned with William acting like his slave. In late 1848, they traveled north because slavery doesn 't happen in the north, and that’s where slaves get their freedom. This successful journey led to a place where they wanted to go so they have a normal life without any problems. When William and Ellen reached Philadelphia, they involved in abolitionist activities, but they had to move to Boston because it had established free black community and a well-organized place. They were mostly famous by their remarkable way of escaping and they wrote a book called, “Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom” in 1860 describing their lives and how they were in this situation. Particularly, the reason why The Crafts escaped because “William and Ellen Craft escaped bondage prior to starting a family because they did not want to raise their children as slaves.” They were very protective of their children because they didn’t want the same thing what happened to them and they want to have their children a better successful
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