Slavery In The Chocolate Industry Essay

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Chocolate is one of the most popular type of food in the world. Nearly 53 percent of the chocolate consumer in USA eats chocolate once a week. Moreover, according to elite daily “Chocolate’s scent increases theta brain waves, which induce relaxation. This is mainly why people feel better about their problems after eating loads of it”. In fact, chocolate industry in United States accounts for 13 billion dollars and people consume 3.1 million pounds every year. However, 45 percent of the chocolate that we consume are made in Ivory Coast. At the first glance this is not a bad idea because many companies outsource their activity to other less developed countries because of the lower labor Coast. But in Ivory Coast chocolate farmers kidnap and…show more content…
This case “slavery in the chocolate industry” basically focuses on the coca bean farmers in Africa (Ivory Coast and Ghana) and how they engage in child slavery to harvest coca. This case also focuses on the willful ignorance of middlemen who purchases coca from farmers that engage in child…show more content…
According global growing, majority of African farmers live in rural area and European farmers in cities. On top of that, they do not send their children to school. Therefore, most of the farmers do not have any idea about the outside information like the market price of the coca they are harvesting; they also do not understand foreign languages which most of their customers (middlemen) speak. So, it is very important that government and other international chocolate association should take initiatives to start educating farmers about the price, language, importance of sending their kids to school, and to encourage them to not to use child labor and slavery. Government can also introduce a certification program for farmers who go through these schools for basic farming education. So, manufactures can use this information to select their

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