Slavery In The English Colonies

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Slavery is a touch and go topic and everyone has separate opinions on slavery but I don’t think the emergence of the slavery in the English colonies was primarily a response to economics. I feel that it was just pure hate and racism. At this time money wasn’t controlling everything and money wasn’t as important to the world then as it was now. Economics didn’t change once slavery started or ended. People sometimes imagine that oppressive slave laws were put quickly into full force by greedy landowners in the English Colonies of North America. The enslavement of Africans and Indians had been common in Central and South America a century before it was introduced into the English Colonies of North America. Over the course of a few decades the…show more content…
Blacks and whites, men and women often worked side-by-side in the fields. They were equal based off of their economic status. Anyone who broke their servant contract was punished. Early colonial court records in Virginia concern "Antonio the Negro," as he was named in the 1625 Virginia census. He was brought to the colony in 1621. At that time, English and Colonial law had not yet defined racial slavery; the census called Antonio a "servant." In the turn of events leading to the legalized enslavement of black Africans, not the white Americans, the fact that Africans could not speak, read, nor write English upon their arrival. Africans had no concept what an indentured servant was, let alone and indentured servant contract. African American had no way to know what was going on around them because the people who could understand what was going on was the people that could read and write. Those people who could do that is the white people who was doing the owning of the salves. Owning a salve cost them money. How is that helping their economy? Its not and that’s why I said it is for their own selfish…show more content…
The area that was most distinctly affected by the revolution was the issue of slavery and the differentiations in beliefs among the various regions of the U.S. PART III: Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on the following topic. Again, be sure to state your thesis in the first paragraph. As with the two essays above, be sure to state your thesis in the first paragraph. (30 points) • Which Ante Bellum (1830—1860) Reform do you think has had the greatest impact on American life up to the present? The cotton economy impact in the south has had the greatest impact on American life up to the present in my opinion. Still to this day the demand for cotton is high because a lot of out every day items are made out of cotton. Some families still have members that use to pick cotton out in the fields. When people think of African American slavery picking cotton is the first thing that comes to mind along with being beat. The cotton economy is a bitter sweet thing. It made a major come up in America but it also killed people trying to get

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