Slavery In The Odyssey

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1. Mr. Haley is a slave trader. He is someone who is trying to make himself up in the world by trying to be the best when it comes to trades. He is good at persuading people and deceiving people in order to get his way. He presents himself as a sympathetic individual towards others when trying to make a trade in order for him to make a quick buck. Haley also presents himself as someone who treats his slaves in a well manner in order to have others trade with him.

2. Slaves must always obey their masters and mistress’ or they would not be a Christian. They are the ones who brought them up from when they were young and taught them everything that they know. Slaves have the right to follow their master because they are who they are because of
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Both Douglass and George want to be free and want their freedom to be recognized. They are both willing to break the law in order to show that they have some sort of power. They both struggle to be free because they have masters who look for them and will punish them harshly. They both have the vision in their mind that they want to be free and little by little they prove their strengths of becoming free.

6. Miss Ophelia is St. Clare’s abolitionist cousin from Vermont. She helps her manage the household. Ophelia at first finds slaves offensive and has substantial bias against them. She then realizes after having her own slave, and learns to see slaves as human beings just like any other Christian although Miss Ophelia is not Christian like.

7. Stowe would bring religion into the situation. The slaves would agree with Fitzhugh because they have the right to be treated just like anyone else (white people). They would argue it is Christian like to be treated like any other human being. Stowe would argue that the slaves could take care of themselves because they learned how to take care of others by being a slave. Stowe would also argue about the laws in place at the time of slavery and the slaves had to obey them unless
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