Slavery Is The Fourth Of July Analysis

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In movies, justice is often perceived as revenge, but according to the dictionary, justice is a means to impartiality and fairness. In Frederick Douglass’ speech given in 1852 at an event commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence called, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” he explains justice as a means to have freedom and live life performing the daily tasks humans do to maintain a living. There is no debate when arguing that every man is entitled to liberty. It does not take a genius to understand the wrongfulness of slavery, yet Douglass believes it is a waste of his time trying to change the minds of the white race. He believed no justice was served in the United States and was disappointed in the hypocrisy of…show more content…
Food would have to be sponsored or paid for by the university from local restaurants around the DC area. My colleagues in the FDDS program can be the leaders in this program and each handle one group of 9-14 teens. They would be responsible for the students within their group and be the advisor for the group’s cultural topic project. All FDDS colleagues would stay at the seminar and pose as the dorm leader for the students. My FDDS colleagues and I would have to find sponsors and other American University faculty members who would be willing to come into the seminar everyday to help run this program. This seminar will help our future generations make just decisions and treat the people around them with respect. To measure the success rate of this event, students who attended the seminar can take a survey and discuss what they have learned during the seminar. The students who really enjoyed their stay can write an essay on why they would like to come back and volunteer the next year. Only twenty volunteer spots would be available for returning students. The students who attend this seminar will likely influence others around them to treat others in a just manner and think about the fairness of their
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