Slavery Justified By George Fitzhugh: Book Review

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Is freedom a self destructive and impractical system? According to George Fitzhugh, in his book, Slavery Justified, freedom is used to pull people down and further enhances human greed and suffering. Fitzhugh also speaks about the supposedly positive aspects of slavery while spouting logical fallacies that further prove his lack of knowledge and credibility. He describes the condition of slavery as a benefit to society. On the other hand, Frederick Douglass in his autobiography, The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass, recounts his life story and how essential freedom is to him and fellow slaves. By telling first hand accounts about slavery, Douglass shows how unfounded Fitzhugh’s narrative is. Fitzhugh spins a biased narrative that speaks of how well-cared-for the slaves are, how nurturing slave masters are to their slaves, and how slaves are almost never physically abused. Maybe Transition? Slaves were often given the bare minimum of food and…show more content…
Fitzhugh attempts to weave a dishonest and malicious narrative about the benefits of slavery and the negatives of freedom. He spouts logical fallacies that further show his lack of understanding and his weak argument base. How can a system of equality and liberty be less prosperous and beneficial than Fitzhugh’s system of dominance, control and subjugation? It cannot be. Through Fitzhugh's System people are kept in mental darkness and treated no better than cattle, and in most cases worse. Douglass gives his account of what slavery was actually like for slaves, all of which is backed up with a testimony of authenticity. Through Douglass we can observe the harsh realities subjugations bring upon the enslaved and the slaveholders, serving only to degrade the integrity of both. We must work collectively as a society to rid ourselves of weak arguments and work towards an inclusive society that is beneficial to
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