Slavery Racism And Racism

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Slavery, racism, discrimination and segregation is what our world was built upon. The Caucasian men took the African American men, women, children, and infants from their homelands to use them as their slaves. Their slave owners brought them to the United States to teach them how to be all forms of slaves for their needs. If these slaves where not doing as they were told or caught stealing from their owners, they were beaten with a whip. Slavery was abolished in the year of 1865 when it became a part of the 13th amendment . Because of the abolishing of slavery, it created for a lot of discrimination and racism against people of color. In some southern and northern states did not agree with slaves begin freed especially Johnson. Because he did not agree it created for “moderates and radicals” to come together to pass black only laws. These black only laws returned some “freed slaves back to servitude”. His attitude and rejection of the civil rights bill was because he felt that the Civil Rights Bill was protecting the blacks .…show more content…
Because of this accusation the government passed the Fourteenth Amendment that gave all former slaves citizenship . The passing of the Fourteenth Amendment assisted the Radical Republican government in 1870 passing the Fifteenth Amendment to allow “all male citizens to vote regardless of their race, colour or previous condition of servitude ”. The passing of both amendments would not have permitted the possibilities or victories for the civil rights movement or vital legislative in the 1960s
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