Slavery In America Research Paper

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Most people in the Americas have always thought as racism as something that has been around ever since the creation of language, but that is simply not the case. In fact, the idea of slavery is almost as young as the creation of the United States of America. Slavery has many different roots that can be traced back to the first indentured servants and popular cultures at the time. At the time, all races were treated equally and fairly as humans. There was almost no bias to any of the races in the Americas at the time, however, this all changed when the richest class of people separated the races from the poorer class from each other, making a divide. Science also proves that races are basically completely culture based, this is due to because all humans have almost no differences biologically. Since science shows that there is technically no such thing as races, then why does it exist? To answer this question, the source can be traced back to the…show more content…
This tactic was only used to justify the use of slavery in the US and Europe. ¨”Ideas of Africans as inferior, backwards and barbaric can be traced back to those justifying slavery in the 18th century.” (, David Olusoga) Many other rivaling countries testified at the thought of slavery, but the Europeans and Americans always stated that the Africans were nothing worth fighting for and that they were just as wild as a dog. Even after the “end” of mainstream slavery in the United States, the government created more laws that mainly affected the African Americans of the Nation. Some extremely outrageous laws were created that only affected 10% of the white population at the time. Some laws that affected them are if you steal something as insignificant as a nail, you will get 5 years in jail. Again, this only affects white people 10% while the rest of the 90% were black
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