Slavery: Similarities And Differences Between 1750-1901

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Through the years of 1750 to 1901, the journey of thousands of humans sailed out overseas. With many decisions, they all experienced something different, from those who were forced to leave, had to leave or chose to leave. The voyage of slaves, convicts and free settlers differed immensely, yet, they still had slight similarities.
Kidnapped and forced into slavery, that was the early stages of becoming a slave. They were forced on to the ships then chained and bounded to each other as they sat, tightly packed inside and buckets used as toilets were shared among the slaves. Since they were so crowded, it was difficult for each of the slaves to reach for a bucket and do their thing. Therefore, to avoid injuries and bruises caused by the shackles, tightly locked around their limbs, many just let out their waste right where they were. From the poor hygiene
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They were all effected with harsh conditions on the boats from large waves and disastrous weather, seas sickness and unpleasent smells.It was difficult for all three of the human classes once they arrived also. Not only were the convicts and slaves unpropitious, but so were the free settlers, as said in Skwirk “life of a free settler was often very harsh… food was scarce,” showing the difficulty slaves also experienced, even though they were granted land and workers. Without much knowledge of their land, farms failed and did not produce crops, leading to scanty amounts of food, not enough to be shared amongst and fill stomachs. However, slaves, convicts and free settlers definitely experienced journeys immensely different to one and another as those mentions were only minor similarities. The similarities could not have been changed in any way with weather and waves being a natural occurrence as well as failure in crops. Australia was a new place, full knowledge of the area and land is not expected, therefore, limiting the quantities of food and

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