Slavery: Similarities Between The North And South

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Even though the North, and South were part of the same country, both had specific needs, and held many differences between each other. One of the most prominent differences between the two was slavery. The North strongly believed that slavery was wrong, and understood that everyone is created equally. On the other hand, the South relied heavily on slavery. This is due to the economy differences within the country. The Northern economy focused on the manufacturing of goods, and other products. The southern economy relied on agriculture. With the southern economy surrounding agriculture, it promoted the use of slaves due to the hard labor. Another promotion of slaves in the south was where most people lived. In the south, most people lived on farms. In the North, most residents resided in larger, more developed cities. The controversy around slavery divided the country to where two groups emerged from the North, and South. The South created the Confederacy, and the North created the Union. These two groups divided the country more than ever. The last difference between the North, and South were the types of transportation. In the North, trains and canals were the modes most frequently used by people. In the South, steamships, and other types of boats were used due to…show more content…
One of the simplest, and most known is that they spoke the same language. While there were many other languages spoken throughout the U.S., the official, and most used language was English. Another belief they shared was the distrust of the Native Americans. While they had both allied with some tribes, they still questioned their intentions regarding them. The last interest they shared was they wanted to expand, and gain more land. There was a common mindset in which to grow the nation and expand as much as possible. In conclusion, while the North and South had many differences, they still had similarities, and common
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