Slavery: Social Life In The Southern States

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The social life in the south was an almost carefree for the families of the land owners. The land owners of these time realized that cotton was an easy to become rich. Because cotton was more that half of the export from the states. To produce the amount of cotton that was needed to become rich the landowners would have to have slaves. With the people moving further and further out the discussion of emancipation was stopped. The people stopped the emancipation discussion because if a successful cotton farmer was near that would mean work and money coming into the area. Only a small percent of southerners owned slaves and a smaller percent actually had a lot of slaves. Most slave owners only had around five slaves. Yeoman farmers tended to have more slaves. The landowners became wealthy due to the small amount of money needed to grow a high yield and high-profit product. The only investment the owner may have invested in was a better way to harvest and grow cotton. While the north had many different positions for employment. So many different types of trades were needed for this diverse section of the country. In the south, since there was only one job and that was cotton. There was no need for education to be invested in, so the south was known for it low…show more content…
The living conditions for the slaves were usually a small building that housed all the slaves in one room. The nutrition that was given was too small amount for the amount of work that was done. But after generations of whites and backs living together there became a bond almost friendship with some of the people on the plantation. But this did not justify the owning of another human being. As time went on we began to grasp how the use of slavery was cruel and inhuman. Thanks go to Abraham lincoln for this. (Shultz,

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