The Life Of Fredrick: A Tragic Hero

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Fredrick earned the title of a brave hero as explained in the paragraph above. Noticing the life of being a slave and how cruel they were treated just because of their races or social classes or where they came from and were given limited choices and no freedom at all which forced them to do things they did not want to do or like. Buckley people could choose and decide what they want to do with their lives and how to live it unlike poor Fredrick, he was introduced to this world without freedom since he was separated from the only person that could feel his pain and misery and treat him well and nurture him, his mother, Who is also a slave. He grew up not knowing where he took his looks from or muscularity he grew up without knowing who his father is. Fredrick was an unlucky child. He never knew his father, he was separated from his mother at an early age, his mother died when he was young and he was not allowed to go…show more content…
Even though Douglass bounced from master to master he would never give up on searching for a loop whole that would somehow lead him to his true desire, his dream, his freedom. Fredrick tried to escape certain times but keeps on failing but that did not stop him to look for the key to his dream, to his desire, to his freedom. After several attempts and failure, his wish was finally granted he got his ticket to freedom also known as New York City but his journey does not end here but this was just the beginning. Fredrick tasted freedom as he desired and his dream did get granted but even though he was free and is living his long life dream he discovered that his journey is not over that this is not his final epiphany, although he got his freedom he knew that with him living freely there were other people suffering from the harshness and cruelty of
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