Enslaved Black Abolition

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According to the Abolition Project, “Slavery refers to a condition in which individuals are owned by others, who control where they live and at what they work. It had previously existed throughout history, in many times and in most places.” Enslaved blacks have been resilient people; despite the various efforts such as slave laws taken to restrain them, they resisted slavery through the rebellion of non-violent schemes towards their Slave masters. An Enslaved black would often be referred to as a human being who was made to be a slave either through birth, contract or trade for purposes such as planation or domestic drudgery. Slave masters implemented slave laws for the restriction of their slaves on the lodging grounds. These slave laws…show more content…
The Enslaved blacks used non-violent schemes as an oppression of vengeance towards their slave masters for the torturing and abuse they dwelled upon the Enslaved blacks over the two hundred year slavery period. Non-violent modes of rebellion showed that the Enslaved blacks finally believed in acts of bravery. This act of bravery would have allowed other slaves to stand up for their right to freedom, even if the Enslaved blacks were striving towards a crisis one’s body can never imagine…show more content…
They resisted slavery through the rebellion of Non-violent schemes such as sabotaging, malingering and poisoning of their Slave masters. “If a man does not stand for something they fall for anything” (Marshall) and that includes believing that anything is accepted even slavery and slave laws. The Enslaved blacks that resisted inhumane treatment were people who had integrity even if that integrity was chartered towards death. They were many Enslaved blacks who were discontented with their condition on the lodging grounds and sought the satisfaction to improve it in whatever way they can. They can be considered as peace or freedom leaders because they fought back regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, Enslave blacks resisted slavery despite the various efforts to restrain them. Even if it was a small resistance they tired standing up for
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