Summary: The New Slave Trade

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One thing people seem to forget is slavery has been in existence since the times of ancient Greece, Rome, Africa and Byzantium but Britain changed the way the world perceived slavery. Although, the British didn't have a master plan for slavery, or any idea of this new-found land becoming United States of America, the idea of slavery throughout the world started with Columbus trip to "Hispaniola". Which he thought was Japan but ended up being what is now knows as Dominican Republic and Heidi. Columbus main goal on his exploration was to find goods and spread Christianity but ended up bringing six captive native men because he believed they "should be good and intelligent servants" (Clark, 8). Thus, harboring the Europeans very first slaves.…show more content…
The individuals who were slaves were "captured in warfare, some were debtors, others were criminals" (Clark, 16). The slavery was temporary and never passed down to the child. As well as, the slaves can work into their freedom, and the slaves can get married into the family that held them. There were bad parts to this type of slavery as well because some slaves were sacrificial death, woman and children were in demand for labor or even any sexual purpose. Even though this is bad on its own the Triangular Trade is deemed much worse for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being that you were slaved completely on the way you looked, basically your race. Also, you worked in slavery until death and slavery was passed down to the slave's children. Unlike the slavery in Africa the slavery in the colonies came with specific rules. For example, it is stated "that all servants imported and brought into this country, by sea or land, who were not Christians in their native country, shall be accounted and be slaves, and as such be here bought and sold notwithstanding conversion" (Clark, 42). Basically, stating that the Africans were to have no rights. Furthermore, the marriage between the black people and white people was illegal and if done it will be penalized to six months in
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