Slavery: The Birth Of The Roman Republic

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The birth of the Roman Republic was 509 BCE. The Romans all had different social classes and rights, and they still did after the king got voted out and the Roman Republic started, which were two leaders who had rights to veto. There was a lot of common goods in Ancient Rome and public service was one of them. I gave public services an A. Since the Roman Republic was so big they needed a fresh supply of water. The Romans built stuff like roads, public baths, fire department, aqueducts, and postal service. One of the most famous buildings in Rome is the Colosseum. This building is now a major tourist attraction in Rome. The first road the Romans built was in 312 BCE. the Romans built magnificent public bathhouses in towns across their empire. Rich villa owners would have their own baths in their homes. A public bath was built around three principal rooms: a warm one called the tepidarium.…show more content…
Gladiators were trained warriors who fought in contests to entertain the Romans. It was possible for successful gladiators to become rich and famous and after a time they could retire. The most famous gladiator was Spartacus, who led a two-year slave revolt against Rome in 73-71 B.C. Slavery was a very large institution in Ancient Rome. It was a normal part of Roman society. It was not unusual for even a home of moderate means to have slaves. The republican ruled for hundreds of years from around 509 BC to 45 BC. Rome was a first grew as a republic which means the Romans leader such as senators were elected officials that served a certain amount of
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