Slavery: The Role Of Secession In The United States

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As the United States of America developed as a country, the North and the South started differing in their economies, culture, and lifestyle. This created many problems for the United States because the South did not agree on the North 's views. In fact, the South was so different that they considered forming their own country. The South desired to preserve the institution of slavery, the principle of States’ Rights, and that all states in Confederacy issued an Article of Secession to break from the Union. One factor that led the South wanting to secede from the Union was that the South wanted to preserve slavery. Slavery was a major part of the South’s economy. Slavery was also brutal in the South. Owners were often harsh and abusive to slaves. Slave owners in the North were less abusive and sometimes treated their slaves like family. Slaves were used more in the South than in the North. They worked in large plantations and farms. The North had more resources, such as money, larger population, and more supplies than the South (Kivumbi, 2011, p.1). This indicated that the South use more slaves to work the…show more content…
This was a document that each confederate state sent that explained why they wanted to break from the Union. The main theme of slavery and States’ Rights were mentioned in this document. The Article of Secession by each state was done during 1861. Additional states, such as Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia made additional documents called the Declaration of Causes. These documents furthermore explained the state 's’ decision to leave the union. This document went in detail on Abraham Lincoln’s election, economical issues and military protection. The Declaration of Causes was finished in the early 1860s. These documents were another way the South tried to secede from the
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