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The Sin That Blinds to Selfishness “Slavery is theft – theft of life, theft of work, theft of any property or produce, theft even of the children a slave might have borne.” –Kevin Bales. This quote depicts the absolute thievery of slavery that was not only was practiced in the United States, but is still practiced today all around the world. Although slavery now has a common anger emotion associated with it, this was not so one hundred years ago. Throughout the years opinions and national laws have fluctuated in extremes over the concept of slavery, its consequences and its benefits. Arguments made towards slavery, whether for or against, have always sparked dispute and often caused social divides, as one can see through studying north and…show more content…
During these heated times the Americas were split and the Northern and Southern hemispheres were stereotyped as Abolitionists in the north and Southerners in the south. These audacious people, the abolitionists, were greatly outnumbered in their passion for all men to live with freedom. Due to the mistreatment of slaves in the Americas, which included branding, physical and sexual abuse, then led abolitionists to bring speak vehemently with compelling arguments which never the less landed upon deaf ears. These abolitionists would write to congress pleading for the abolition of slavery, because they thought it immoral for one man to own another man. In doing this congress would simply turn their heads and wave the petitions aside. Overall the opinions of stubborn man were minimally swayed by what others thought, especially when it came to slavery in the…show more content…
The Bible does give instruction over how to treat and own a slave, and none of these rules were popularly followed in the Civil War Era. In Exodus 21:16 it states that; “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death.” Although the stigma between whites and blacks will probably never truly heal because of America’s tainted past, much has been done to restore the relationship between these two races in our own nation. Brutal wars and thousands of deaths finally brought long sought justice to the abolitionists in the

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